Master of Business Administration (UK)

PG Dip (Strategic Management & Leadership) UK

Graduation (PMA) Graduate (COESPU, Italy)

Major (Retd) Hanif, after serving almost two decades in the army, moved to United Kingdom to pursue his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Prior to this, he graduated from prestigious Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) and he is also a graduate of Centre of Excellence for Stability Police Units (COESPU) from Italy. He completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership from the largest management body in UK – the “Chartered Management Institute (CMI)”; he achieved the ultimate accolade in management by becoming the Chartered Manager (CMgr) and was awarded status of a Fellow of Chartered Management Institute (FCMI).

A published writer, coupled with business acumen and practical experience, gained during his decade long stay in UK, he extensively interacted with immigrants from various countries. He noted their problems firsthand where immigration agents and lawyers are providing unqualified advice whilst charging them a huge sum of money.  Along with his fellow director Ms Gisella Ali he conceived the idea of establishing an Education & Immigration Consultancy with the name “Visa-2-Land” to provide a reliable and fair advice to all immigrants at an affordable price especially to the people of Pakistan, China, India, UAE, Singapore, Japan, Bangladesh, Iran, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia.

He is responsible for the overall steering of Visa 2 Land in the right direction within the code of ethics and guidelines provided by MARA to ensure everyone receives a fair immigration advice within the Australian visa & immigration legislative framework.

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