M.Sc., B.Sc., DMLT,  A.I.L.P.     M.I.A.     [MARA 1574283]

Gisella, holder of a Master’s degree in Bio-Technology, Bachelors in Microbiology, Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology and Australian Immigration Law and Practice (distinction) – Victoria University of Technology (Melbourne Australia) – she is an experienced licensed immigration practitioner, registered with the office of MARA Australia.

Her past experiences of managing process and fine-tuning the plans included preparation of high-level qualitative reports within intellectual property division and DNA Analysis Case Management for the Department of Immigration & Border Protection, Human Services, Legal Aid and VIC/NSW/QLD Police Force.

She has also run end-to-end case management of obtaining Australian citizenship for stateless children born out of Surrogacy outside Australia, under Hague convention from countries like Georgia, Thailand and India.

Starting her career with Microsoft, followed by leading a team at M2 Telecom Melbourne, case management at Genetic Technologies and Australian statutory government body VicRoads –  she is known for her strong client-service orientation and tackling complex visa cases.

Specialist in General skilled migration, Business visas, Skills assessments, State Nominations, Regional Sponsorship, Complex Family, Tourist & Student– she is a legal immigration adviser with a spontaneity towards a diverse group of people from all walks of life. She is driven by one simple approach – Act responsibly, work passionately and offer full integrity!