Visa 2 Land gives Australian employers a complete employment solution for hiring skilled migrant staff. Already working with industries with skills shortages and provide them one stop solution to their hiring needs. Our staff understand how difficult and time consuming it can be to recruit staff from overseas. That is why we are committed to streamlining the recruitment of skilled migrants to offer our clients a full package (one stop) of integrated services.

We understand that often Australian business go desolate when it comes to hiring from an overseas market, finding it complex and costly. That’s where we step in! Understanding your need of recruiting the genuine and talented migrant work-force, we hand-pick the most suitable candidate while offering industry best-practices in the recruitment and immigration sector.

Our package includes:

Analysis of Requirements

 Whether you want to sponsor staff on temporary visas or hire migrants who have already gained independent visa, Visa 2 Land has an answer to meet all your needs. We will do a thorough analysis of your requirements and your eligibility as a sponsor and advise you on any obligations you will need to meet before we go any further.


Job Description

Provide us with a job description or assign us to customise one where we create ‘set of tasks’ for each and every job you would want us to bring to your doorstep.


Attracting and Recruiting the Best Quality Staff

Visa 2 Land has offices spread across the globe with the capability of advertising and attracting international workforce. As professional consultants we have the expertise to attract and screen candidates to meet your requirements. Portfolios of required staff would be prepared and vetted by employers before start working on their visas.


In-depth Screening of Candidates

We know how important it is to ensure your new staff is geared with requisite qualifications and experience. We go above & beyond to perform a comprehensive checks & screening of a candidate, so you can be rest assured that the very best candidates are at your disposal.


Visa Application Support

For employers sponsoring temporary staff, Visa 2 Land can organise visas, ensure that all visa conditions are met and monitor the visa status of your migrant staff. For employers hiring permanent staff, we ensure all candidates presented to you have the required work visas.

Recruitment Guarantee

Visa 2 Land is committed to providing their clients with most reliable and complying Recruitment and Visa services.

  1. Understanding Your Needs

Recruiting qualified staff for your team can be time-consuming and costly for an organisation if not done correctly. Visa 2 Land utilises their highly efficient internal screening system that is focussed not only on understanding your organisational needs but also, we customise entire recruitment process complementing your team’s existing work-culture.


  1. Best Quality Candidates

With our international network and global reach, engendered through world class branch offices, allows us to attract and recruit the best quality candidates. Utilizing extensive vetting procedures, we ensure that you are precisely connected to the right skilled employees and retain them for the long term.


  1. Interviews

Visa 2 land invest time and talent both to individually interview every candidate, ensuring the skilled worker is at par to your job description and visa requirements. Our industry best-practice interview techniques ensure that all candidates we present meet all your pre-requisite and satisfy Australian immigration frame-work.


  1. Background checks

Visa 2 Land conducts thorough clearance checks on all its candidates. We understand how important it is to ensure your new employee has the right qualifications, experience and “right to work” in Australia under the right visa subclass.

Based on your industry and individual requirements, our background checks include but not limited to:

  • Police checks
  • Verification of qualifications
  • Verification of educational institutions and professional memberships
  • Work experience
  • Thorough reference checks including genuine referees

Recruitment Sectors

Visa 2 Land provides specialist recruitment & immigration consultancy. We offer recruitment services to employers specializing in the follow industries:

Industries Visa 2 Land can Recruit

  1. Engineering
  2. Trades
  3. Medical & Health care
  4. Information & Communication Technology
  5. Agriculture, Farms & Agribusiness

We can also recruit specialist roles outside of the above-mentioned industries by utilising our broad spectrum worldwide recruitment network of partners ensuring capability to fill any position for an Australian business in need. These partners are specialists’ recruitment agencies in their own fields.

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