Careers with Visa2Land

Careers with Visa2Land
If you have the FIRE inside you – we have the FUEL that will ignite your fire!
Do you have skills like dedication, hard work, self-discipline and critical thinking ?
Are you passionate about people?
Do you respond proactively to targets and also good at managing things?
Are you good in communication skills and in relationship management ?
Do you wish to explore the world and like to begin your career from Visa2land?
If you answered YES, then a career at Visa 2 Land could be for you!


Define your Future with Visa2Land because

We believe in shaping young futures who inspire people and willing to convert lead into sales
and eventually wanting to relocate to Australia. Being that right person at the right place, at the
right time for our client. If WE win– You win because we strongly believe in effective team
We believe in TEAM WORK – accelerating growth and efficiency and creating value for our
customers therefore you will be watched & observed for first 6 weeks during our intensive
internship program  at V2L– If you prove yourself then SKY is the limit !
We believe that the right job can transform a person’s life and the right person can transform a
company. We are particularly looking for bright minds with idea that can brighten future, theirs
& Ours !
And so V2L believes in power of people and supports BRIGHT & BUBBLY people GROW,
PERFORM & SUCCEED. Working at V2L means learning Australian Immigration and
Education industry – being part of something bigger and better. Here you would get the chance
to interact with people with diverse backgrounds.

MATURE-AGED WORKERS: V2L place great focus on mature-aged workers by providing
extensive support programs and accessibility. This includes one-on- one coaching ensuring these
individuals can seamlessly transition career paths of IT, Sales & Marketing.
WOMEN: Visa 2 Land is committed to ensuring fairness, equality and diversity in hiring,
motivating and promoting ‘Women & Independence’! Become an inspirational woman in the
workforce, share your story about your career, life, family, and experiences, and also the
opportunity for you and our candidates to network sales & Marketing.
If you are from Sales & Marketing, IT and HR degree background then do drop you CV at:


Doctors Process of Immigration to Australia

1. Qualified from college recognised by Australian Medical Council (AMC) and World
Directory Of Medical School (WDOMS).
2. English language (see 2)
3. Select Pathway (see 3)
4. Follow steps of Pathway with Visa 2 Land (see 4)
Three main PATHWAYS for doctors are:
1. Competent
2. Standard
3. Specialist
Note: All three PATHWAYS require PSV (Primary Source Verification). Some pathways
require doctor to do PSV before "Job Offer" and some after they have "Job Offer"
The most common pathway for doctors to practice in Australia is standard

1. Once established Pakistani doctor is Qualified from college recognised by AMC and
2. Get PSV (primary source verification) done.
3. Pass the AMC CAT MCQ Examination
4. Secure an employment offer (Visa 2 Land help you with that)
5. Apply for limited registration
6. On approval of registration, complete 12 months supervised practice.
7. While completing the 12 months of supervised practice, Pass the AMC Clinical
8. After passing exam receive AMC certificate
9. After completing 12 months of supervised practice, GP can then apply
10. for "general registration".
11. "General registration" is needed to apply for Permanent Residence (PR )any of these
visas – Sub Class186, 187, 189, 190, 489
What we do at Visa2Land ?
Starting from your medical college accreditation to registration / licensing, from English
proficiency tests to final visa application – our team is geared to make happen all the steps under
one roof, one series from start to finish.
Whether you're looking for a permanent move, or want to practice in Australia on work visa.
we'll help you find the right role in the right location !

The paperwork and registration process associated with taking a medical job in Australia can be
bit tedious and intimidating. We will help make the process as straightforward as possible.
We are based in Australia and also in Pakistan – thus become the bridge between you – your
medical practice and immigration in a way that you don't have to worry about the time zone
Once we are done with preliminary assessment. We’ll then start placing your CV for suitable
positions and then arrange a job interview on Skype or other suitable mediums.


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