Doctors Process of Immigration to Australia
  1. Qualified from college recognized by Australian Medical Council(AMC)and World Directory of Medical School(WDOMS).
  2. English language.
  3. Select Pathway.
  4. Follow steps of Pathway with Visa 2 Land.
Three main PATHWAYS for doctors are:
  1. Competent
  2. Standard
  3. Specialist
Note:All three PATHWAYS require PSV (Primary Source Verification). Some pathways require doctor to do PSV before "Job Offer" and some after
they have "Job Offer".
The most common pathway for doctors to practice in Australia is standard Pathway:
  1. Once established Pakistani doctor is Qualified from college recognized by AMC and WDOMS.
  2. Get PSV (primary source verification) done.
  3. Pass the AMC CAT MCQ Examination.
  4. Secure an employment offer (Visa 2 Land help you with that).
  5. Apply for limited registration.
  6. On approval of registration, complete 12 months supervised practice.
  7. While completing the 12 months of supervised practice, Pass the AMC Clinical Examination.
  8. After passing exam receive AMC certificate.
  9. After completing 12 months of supervised practice, GP can then apply for "general registration".
  10. "General registration" is needed to apply for Permanent Residence (PR ) any of these visas – Sub Class 186, 187, 189, 190, 489

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