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Administrative Appeal
Tribunal AAT for the review

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Partner visas are available to overseas nationals sponsored by their eligible Australian partners, whether applying in Australia or offshore.

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Partner visas are available to overseas nationals sponsored by their eligible Australian partners, whether applying in Australia or offshore. Intended marriage –Prospective Marriage visa Married relationship – Partner visa De facto (Live-in) partner relationship. These visas are “exclusion of all others” meaning no other partner/spouse/relationship will be accepted.

Apply student visa with us and get benefitted by:

  • Zero Dollar visa lodgement fees for non-complex cases.
  • Visa lodged by legal team (MARA agents)
  • Free airport pick-up
  • Cheapest Health Insurance.
  • Approval ready ‘Statement of Purpose.
  • Discounted ‘Word visa’ on arrival.
  • Discounted ‘permanent residency’ services Australia.

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Australia is a great place to study. It provides high-quality courses, a fantastic lifestyle and a welcoming environment for international students. Once you have been accepted into your Australian course, the next step is to organise your student visa. You can take the first step towards your dream of education in Australia. We provide comprehensive information towards course selection and your visa in 5 simple steps.
5 steps to your education in Australia

  1. Preliminary assessment matching you to the right education provider.
  2. Lodging school/college application.
  3. Obtaining letter of offer.
  4. Processing visa documentation.
  5. Applying student visa.

If you are planning to visit Australia to meet family and friends or for just spending a nice vacation, then you should apply for this visa. We assess your chances and create a simple but robust visitor visa case by complying with the legislative requirement.

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Visitor Visa is issued by the Australian Government and is linked to your passport ready for you to travel. With a visitor visa, you are permitted multiple entries to Australia during the validity period and are allowed to stay for up to 3 months per visit valid for 3 to 12 months or more.

You may be living anywhere in the world, if you want to migrate & invest in Australia then you have landed at the right place. We can understand it could be very difficult decision because you could become a victim of fraud and end up losing all of your money. Government of Australia has launched various business innovation & investment program which you can use to invest your life savings and migrate with your family. Let’s explore these options:

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a.Business Innovation Visa; this visa targets registered business owners with high turnover. Main requirements of this visa include. Firstly, you must be able to show minimum turnover of 750,000 Australian dollars for two years out of last four years. You can choose any two years out of last four. Secondly, you should be able to show that you have personal assets of worth 1.25 Million Australian dollars. It could be on your name or your partner’s name. Thirdly, you should be able to show police clearance certificate and medical clearance. Proof of functional English is also needed but this condition can be waived with a fee if you cannot speak English. Maximum age limit for this visa is 55 years but in certain circumstances wavier can be granted. You get this visa for 5 years and you can apply for permanent residency after three years, fulfilling laid down requirements where you have to setup a business in Australia with minimum 300,000 turnover for a year. b. Business Investor visa; this visa target mainly investors. If you have 2.5 million Australian dollars or property worth 2.5 million then you can apply for this visa. No turnover requirement or registered business needed. This investment amount of 2.5 million has to be divided into three categories. Firstly, $ 1.25 million in balancing investment (Commercial real estate, corporate bonds, annuities, companies). Secondly, $ 0.75 million in managed funds (emerging companies listed on Australian Stock Exchange). Thirdly, $ 0.5 million in venture capital (start-ups and small private companies). You can apply for PR in four years after fulfilling these requirements. c. Significant Investor Visa; this visa is for people with higher investments of $ 5 million at least. $ 1 million in venture capital, $ 1.5 million in managed funds and $ 2.5 million in balancing investments. You can apply for PR in three years’ time. d. Other options; speak with our rep for more detailed discussion.

A transparent and expert point assessment, followed by a consultation that guide applicants in the right direction. There are range of visas available to choose from which gives you the opportunity to work and live in Australia. Based on your qualifications, work experience & English capacity we can help you obtain the visa under General Skilled Migration Scheme.

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This stream is established to attract qualified migrants who hold work experience to fill employment gaps within Australia. We assist at each step, from obtaining the skills assessment, submission of the expression of interest and procuring a state or regional nomination if necessary and through to the visa application.

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