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If you are coming to Australia on a student or work visa, your dependent family members are eligible to join you on dependent visas such as your spouse or partner and any unmarried children under the age of 18 years. If you are applying for family members to join you after you arrived in Australia, then you must submit the following documents:

  • Evidence that you can financially support your dependent family members;
  • Evidence of family ties such as marriage certificate or birth certificate;
  • Evidence of school enrolment of school-aged children; and
  • Evidence of health insurance for dependants.


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    Its wonderful news indeed. Thank you very much for your hard work in pulling this through. ON behalf of William, I would like to thank you and your team for patience and efforts. Thanks and Regards, Linna

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    I am very pleased that I went with Visa 2 Land to handle my Skilled Migration Visa application to Australia. Gisella and the team has been very professional from the start giving quality advise and have been very responsive to any queries that I had. With their knowledge and experience in handling cases like mine, every step of the process went smoothly and fast. Also, it meant I didn’t have to stress about the application process and could focus on other matters. I would highly recommend Visa 2 Land to anyone looking for a qualified migration agent providing personalized attention and a worry-free experience MANEESH

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    • Work Visa 457
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    Thank you so much for the good news that my 1 year visitor visa has been granted.I have referred few friends who have required assistance with their skilled migration to visa 2 land. They have been extremely pleased with the attention to details and case management services provided by the migration agents. The stand out feature mentioned was also the humane care and guidance provided by the agents in fulfilling their dreams of becoming a permanent citizen. I fully recommend 'Visa 2 Land' based on my personal experience. Thanks Visa 2 Land Shams R

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